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Rinat Keinan

Level Up Your Business Prompts

Level Up Your Business Prompts

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Discover how Artificial Intelligence can help you create a professional business plan and presentation slides, saving you time and resources.


Playground By Open AI

Welcome to this quick guide on how to create a business plan with Artificial Intelligence! Here, you will learn how to write detailed instructions that will generate valuable business insights and give you a competitive edge. With this knowledge, you can build an impressive business presentation!

What can be found in the guide?

The story of an air purifier startup - which today is valued at 100 million dollars and is issued on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

1# Finding a potential value proposition

Including markets, market size, and comparative advantage.

2# Identifying the product's value perception

Including strengths/weaknesses, target audiences, problem identification as a business opportunity, and technology.

3# Characterization of the target audience

Including pricing and user research.

 4# Building a business infrastructure

Including finding a business model.

5# Bonus Gift—a professionally designed template presentation for download!

Rinat Keinan

Hi, I'm Rinat Keinan, a passionate product developer with eighteen years of experience. I hold a Master's degree in Industrial Design from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Behavioral Economics. My expertise lies in defining products and technological tools, with a focus on maximizing their perceived value for users.

In 2020, I was recognized as one of the three most promising Israeli entrepreneurs by a German magazine, and my product methodology was accepted into the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at IDC. I have authored two globally acclaimed product strategy books: "Essential Reading: The Pipeline Guide" in 2019 and "Business Empowerment," which reached #1 on Amazon's bestseller list in three categories.

I develop AI-based technology products, conduct workshops on the art of prompting, and implement artificial intelligence in both public and private sectors within the Israeli market. Additionally, I teach artificial intelligence at the Rimon School of Music.

I am excited to teach you how to expand the boundaries of your knowledge through artificial intelligence.

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1st place 🥇 in the category of innovation and contribution to the Israeli community 🇮🇱

Collect sensitive evidence without human intervention
| Upload evidence files with full security in real-time
| Storage of files and evidence according to personal user ID - such an important ability for legal proceedings and the memory of the State of Israel (!) | The ability to extract metrics, insights, and identify important evidence for society and the State of Israel.