3 Reasons to Choose Riverside for Podcast and Video Creation

3 Reasons to Choose Riverside for Podcast and Video Creation

Riverside is a virtual studio that transforms recording and editing into the highest quality with artificial intelligence capabilities.

Getting to Know Riverside

 Riverside allows you up to two hours of free recording on the platform. To try it out, click here.
שלוש סיבות למה לבחור את ריברסייד ליצירת פודקאסט וסרטונים


Once you've signed up, you have the option to open a studio specifically for your podcast or a studio for creating videos. In the settings, you can:

✅ Name your studio for easy access 
✅ Choose the desired transcription language for subtitles or for converting audio to text 

After finishing, click on the studio option.

The studio is so simple and convenient, make sure your camera and audio settings from your computer are working.
You can easily add anyone you want to the podcast recording or broadcast
Activate automatic background noise cleaning using artificial intelligence
Use the script capability
Even a teleprompter
Share a screen if you have content to include in the episode you're broadcasting/recording
Add an opening to the episode you're broadcasting/recording - a capability you don't have today with options like Zoom

And why is all this important? Because after you've recorded/broadcast an episode, all the magic begins.

✅ Our Recordings in Riverside

After we've recorded, we can click on recordings to see the recorded file and press edit.

Now the magic begins - and it's so simple it's just wonderful. Here are all the capabilities in one place:

Receive transcription in the language we set in the studio ✅
Of course, you can stand on a specific word and correct or remove it from the text.

Adding transcription as automatic subtitles ✅

Cleaning moments of silence in the video ✅
Editing parts of the video ✅

Adding a logo and/or background ✅

Adapting the file to different sizes ✅
Transcription from audio to text ✅
Riverside is the only tool that managed to upload an hour-long podcast file and transcribe it accurately to text! When is this excellent? When you want to turn podcast episodes into a book. When you want to transcribe a meeting or discussion to a text file and upload it to a GPT chat to create tailored content, to summarize points, or to send as a summary email to participants.



More Capabilities that Riverside Offers with Artificial Intelligence

✨ Repairing low-quality audio and video

✨ Separating audio and video tracks of participants

✨ AI-based transcription for more than 100 languages

✨ Text-based editing - you can search for a word in the video and delete the part of the video that says the word

✨ Creating short clips from the original video

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