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Artificial intelligence will not replace us. It allows us to do what we do - but better and try new things that previously required experience, knowledge or time that we didn't have

1st place 🥇 in the category of innovation and contribution to the Israeli community 🇮🇱

Collect sensitive evidence without human intervention
| Upload evidence files with full security in real-time
| Storage of files and evidence according to personal user ID - such an important ability for legal proceedings and the memory of the State of Israel (!) | The ability to extract metrics, insights, and identify important evidence for society and the State of Israel.

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Midjourney V6

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The Business Prompt Guide

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Create a professional business plan and presentation slides, with Open AI

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ai business ideas

Your Personal AI Assistant

Discover how artificial intelligence can help you acquire the necessary skills to succeed in your business journey, enabling you to become more than you are today. Learn how to quickly obtain the important prompts you need to make informed decisions without needing an expert. No matter what your business goals, desires, questions, or strategies are, artificial intelligence can easily become your new personal assistant.

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Rinat Keinan

Hi, I'm Rinat Keinan, a passionate product developer with eighteen years of experience. I hold a Master's degree in Industrial Design from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Behavioral Economics. My expertise lies in defining products and technological tools, with a focus on maximizing their perceived value for users.

In 2020, I was recognized as one of the three most promising Israeli entrepreneurs by a German magazine, and my product methodology was accepted into the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at IDC. I have authored two globally acclaimed product strategy books: "Essential Reading: The Pipeline Guide" in 2019 and "Business Empowerment," which reached #1 on Amazon's bestseller list in three categories.

I develop AI-based technology products, conduct workshops on the art of prompting, and implement artificial intelligence in both public and private sectors within the Israeli market. Additionally, I teach artificial intelligence at the Rimon School of Music.

I am excited to teach you how to expand the boundaries of your knowledge through artificial intelligence.

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What types of services does Rinat Keinan offer?

Rinat Keinan offers business guides, personalized chatbot services, AI workshops, personal mentoring, focusing on leveraging artificial intelligence.

Are there any courses available on Rinat Keinan's website?

Yes, there are courses available, including a comprehensive course on making the most out of ChatGPT and a course on using Canva with AI tools

Can I find guides on how to use AI in business?

Yes, there are quick guides available for creating business plans, marketing plans, product characterization, and leveraging AI for creative image production.

What is the policy on money-back guarantees at Rinat Keinan's website?

Rinat Keinan's website offers a money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

How does Rinat Keinan's website ensure that guides and courses remain up to date?

The website provides real-time updates for guides and courses, allowing purchasers to always access the most current tools and information.