Midjourney -- cref

Midjourney -- cref

Creating a Consistent Character in Midjourney

Until now, it has been nearly impossible to maintain a consistent and identifiable character, regardless of the scene or style. Today, we've leveled up our ability to tell a story through images and create true storytelling! Midjourney has finally launched the command we've been waiting for a long time.
-- cref

How It Works

Define the character in the image and then add the command with a link to the image address.
For example: Here's a picture of a character I created
midjourney cref
In order to use the character I created as a consistent and identifiable character in new scenes, I will copy the link address of the image and add it with the command in the new instruction.
midjourney cref
a woman is swimming in the sea --cref https://s.mj.run/VXfBcZEcARk
midjourney cref
a woman is reading from her smartphone --cref https://s.mj.run/VXfBcZEcARk
midjourney cref

Why It's So Amazing?

Consistent Stories
Now it's possible to tell a story with characters that remain the same, deepening the visual experience.
Character Exploration
You can explore characters in different situations while maintaining their identity, adding depth and new dimensions to the creation.
Creativity Without Limits
You can play with combinations of images and create new and fascinating characters we've never seen before.
Bridges Between Styles
Allows characters to move between different art styles.
midjourney cref 
It's not just a tool, it's a new way to see and create art in the digital age.
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