Genmo AI Video Generator

Genmo AI Video Generator

Meet the Most Advanced Video Generator

Whether you are social media influencers, content creators, artists, or simply enthusiasts of amazing animated videos for your personal use, with this tool, you can create video segments for any idea within minutes and produce video art that can become art in itself, an advertisement, or a music clip.


✅ From Text to Video Model

This model excels in creating coherent global motion, automatic selection of transitions, and text layers that align smoothly with the storyline, ensuring a professional result.

The new model you see before you went live on October 28, 2023.

The new model allows you to write a theoretical instruction for the video you want to create or upload a super high-quality image that will inspire the artificial intelligence for the video.


See what came out of the artificial intelligence's recommendation.

After writing the instruction, the tool recommends adding descriptive text that can improve the instruction - for example, a close-up of the girl playing, the use of psychedelic colors in the background, and more.

✅ From Text to Image Model

To create a video segment from an image, click on the following link. For the example of the model from image to text, I chose a high-quality image that I created with the Midjourney tool.



If you want to learn how to create any image you want using Midjourney and learn how to create a theoretical instruction that includes several parts - meet my quick guide to the Midjourney image generator.

The tool allows you to upload an image that will serve as the opening of the video segment you are planning to create.



The second part allows you to describe the action in each part of the video segment and even to paint with a brush the area in the video for which you wrote the instruction.

I personally noticed that when I leave this part empty, the artificial intelligence works more freely and creates an interesting interpretation of its own.



 ✅ The length of the video, whether it will be 2-30 seconds. 

The longer the video segment, the more "fuel" is used. The tool gives 200 and for a cost of $10, you can upgrade to 1000. The degree of chaos in the video - a lot or a little.

 ✅ How much chaos we allow the artificial intelligence during the transitions in the video.

 ✅ The dynamics of the differences in the video - fast or slow. 

 ✅ The option of dynamics allows setting the speed of the transitions. How smooth or rough the transitions in the video are.


And see what we got - a stunning segment that can be part of video art or stand on its own.

Design by Rinat Keinan
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