Midjourney v6

Midjourney v6

Midjourney Launched Version 6, Blurring the Line Between Reality and Imagination

On December 21, the alpha version that all Midjourney users (myself included) were eagerly waiting for was released. Version 6, developed over 9 months, includes drastic and more realistic improvements, and the ability to create images that blur the line between reality and imagination.
Version 6 is significantly different from Version 5. In this version, you will need to 'relearn' how to write instructions. In the current version, you need to be much clearer about what you want.

✅ Version 6 Update

To update your server to the current version, type "/" in the chat and choose "settings" or type "/settings".

מידג׳רני השקת גירסה 6

Click on version 6 in the dropdown menu to receive the version update.

מידג׳רני גירסה 6


Advantages of Version 6

More Accurate Instructions

Version 6 allows us to write prompt instructions of up to 40 effective words.
%u05DE%u05D9%u05D3%u05D2%u05F3%u05E8%u05E0%u05D9 %u05D2%u05D9%u05E8%u05E1%u05D4 6


A rule of thumb that Midjourney recommends:

1-5 words: Greatly influence the creation of the image.

6-20 words: Still in play, likely to appear in variations.

21-40 words: Still in play, but may take more attempts.

40+ words: Likely not to appear.

60+ words: High probability they won't appear.


 ✅ Improved Image Generator Model

Simple prompt instructions can create realistic images that are hard to distinguish between reality and imagination. Would you believe that the girl with the deep-eye look is a outcome of a prompt? Most impressive.


מידג׳רני גירסה 6

woman with a deep-eye look. inside her eyes reflecting apricot --s 750 --v 6.0

מידג׳רני 6

✅ Ability to Insert Text into Images

Many Midjourney creators have been waiting for this feature that enable inserting text into an image prompt. The text needs to be written in quotes so that the bot knows to embed the text in the image.


מידג׳רני גירסה 6

"Hello Rinat!" written with a marker on a sticky note --ar 16:9



Improved scaling, with "subtle" and "creative" modes (doubles the resolution).

These buttons will appear after clicking on one of the options: U1/U2/U3/U4.

מידג׳רני 6 


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