Create Multilingual Talking Avatars Easily with AI Technology

Create Multilingual Talking Avatars Easily with AI Technology

Creating an AI Avatar Easily

Meet a hot feature 🔥 that enables you to turn a photo into a talking avatar in any language, at the click of a button. There are two recommended companies that are worth knowing and creating avatars with:

✅ D-ID Presenters

To start working with the feature, you are invited to enter the sites themselves or through Canva. Canva allows free accounts one credit for each of these companies - meaning, you can experiment and create 2 avatars for free using Canva.


For demonstration purposes, go to the HEYGEN site which allows us to create an avatar with one free credit and connect via your email.


Avatar by Rinat Keinan


✅ Upload a Photo to the Avatar
Choose an avatar from the options that appear in front of you or upload a professional-quality photo of yourself.


heygen איך ליצור אוואטר בקלות
For the example, I uploaded a professional photo I created in Midjourney. Why a professional-quality photo? Because this way the artificial intelligence can better identify facial features and create mouth and lip movement during speech.
The more professional and high-quality the photo, the more successful the visual movement of the avatar.


✅ Creating the Avatar
After we have uploaded a photo or chosen a photo from the offered options, we move to the step where we write the desired text for our avatar. Click on the arrow to create a talking video from the photo you uploaded. There is an option to choose the creation of the avatar in landscape or portrait.



✅ Choosing the Text and Voice for the Avatar

In the new window that opens for you, you can write the text and on the right side, you can choose the language and the voice for your avatar. To choose a voice and language, click on the part on the right that I marked for you in green and a window of options will open. In Hebrew, you have 8 voice options, a larger selection than the D-ID company.


To not "waste" credits, it is recommended to listen to the voice we chose - click on the purple button on the right. If you are satisfied with what you created - press on the "submit" button on the right at the top in dark purple, and wait to receive the avatar.

Easy, right? Try it yourself.

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