Midjourney --sref random

Midjourney --sref random

Creating Random and Consistent Styles

Midjourney launched a new and very interesting command - the ability to give Midjourney complete freedom to decide on a random style for the image we request to create.
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-- sref random

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Additionally, the ability to embed as a seed the style we liked and create a consistent style in new images.
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How It Works

You define the image and then add the command.
This command cannot be used with a link to an image, only with text instructions.
For example: a Guitar

I wrote again

And I received a new style

I wrote again

And again received a new style

Every time I wrote the same text instruction (Guitar) with the random style command, I received a different style that Midjourney generated randomly for me.


When we received the product from Midjourney, notice what happened:

The "random" value was replaced by a serial number referencing the style:

--sref random ➡️ --sref 2242209679


Why This Is So Amazing?

The ability to produce a consistent style for a video, story, presentation, or brand language development.
By using the seed of the style you liked in the following way:
--sref 1956835446
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