Spike Studio

Spike Studio

From Long Videos to Short Clips - In Just One Click

Introducing Spike Studio, an amazing and free for 30 minutes tool that effortlessly and at no cost transforms any video, recorded podcast, or course lesson into short clips - shorts - with just one click, thanks to artificial intelligence capabilities.

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Spike Studio

This innovation can save us a lot of time and money, especially when it comes to content we wish to promote on social media and through paid advertising.

What You Get in One Click

Between 6 to 12 short clips
✨ Built-in translation
✨ Use of emojis to highlight messages
✨ The ability to edit the size of the clip, font, and text corrections
✨ An AI rating for the virality of each of the videos

✅ Getting Started

Sign up using your Google account integration. Every Google account entitles you to 30 free minutes.

 ✅ Uploading a Video

The beauty of this software is the ability to insert a YouTube link, or even a Google Drive link - and start working right away. An elegant solution.

You can also upload a file from your personal computer.


 ✅ Step A

With Spike's video generator, you can see the duration of the video you've uploaded compared to your remaining credit. One credit equals one minute.
Need more credits? Here's a promo code that gives you a 20% discount.


✅ Step B

Choose the appearance style of the subtitles - whether a word changes, a sentence changes, or the text is animated. If you want animation, you'll need to upgrade.




✅ Step C

Choose the length of the clip. It's best to leave it automatic and let artificial intelligence decide for you. If you want a specific length - you'll need to upgrade.


And now, all you have to do is wait a few seconds...


If you don't want to wait, you'll receive an email notification that the video is ready.


✅ What We Got

For a 22-minute explanatory video, I received 6 clips ranging from 18-32 seconds.
For each clip generated for me, it was given a score. There were clips that received a score of 85 compared to clips that scored 90.


 ✅ Edits

To edit a clip, click on the edit marked in green.


What can you edit?

✨ Text corrections
✨ Change emojis
✨ Change the size of the clip
✨ Highlight important words
📣 Important to know - Text in Hebrew requires editing
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