49% of Shoppers Say They’ll Make UGC Reels for Cash

49% of Shoppers Say They’ll Make UGC Reels for Cash

49% of Shoppers Say They’ll Make UGC Reels for Cash

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where understanding customer behavior is critical for sustained growth, a comprehensive study conducted in October 2023 has provided fresh insights. This sample research engaged a diverse group of 50 participants, cutting across gender lines, all aged 20 and above. This particular demographic was strategically selected to reflect the extensive spectrum of an active e-commerce consumer base, which is increasingly inclined to be swayed by cashback incentive programs.

The Power of UGC Reels 

The sample study revealed that a significant 75% of participants had prior experience in creating videos, whether for personal greetings or product demonstrations. This familiarity with video creation is a critical insight for retailers, as it suggests a readiness in the consumer base to engage with brands more interactively and visually.


49% of Shoppers Say They’ll Make UGC Reels for Cash

Willingness to Create Content for Cashback

When asked if they would create a short video about a product they purchased in exchange for immediate cashback, 49% responded positively. This willingness to actively participate in marketing efforts in exchange for tangible rewards highlights an opportunity for retailers to leverage user-generated content (UGC) to amplify their brand’s message authentically.


49% of Shoppers Say They’ll Make UGC Reels for Cash

Incentives That Matter

Delving deeper into what motivates customers to create content, the study found that 64% preferred immediate cashback to their credit card, while 24% favored PayPal. This preference underscores the importance of immediate gratification in the digital age, where consumers are accustomed to quick rewards.

A mere 2% of participants were motivated by the prospect of receiving a prepaid card, and an equal percentage were enticed by gift cards. This stark statistic speaks volumes about the current sentiment towards these forms of rewards. It suggests that today’s consumers may perceive prepaid and gift cards as less appealing compared to more immediate and flexible rewards. This shift could be attributed to a desire for rewards that offer instant gratification and can be easily integrated into the digital financial ecosystem that consumers are increasingly embracing. Retailers might take this as a cue to re-evaluate the attractiveness of such offerings and consider more direct and immediately usable forms of incentives that align with contemporary consumer expectations.


49% of Shoppers Say They’ll Make UGC Reels for Cash


The Value of Reward

The value of the reward itself is a significant motivator, with 70.2% of respondents indicating that the reward’s worth greatly influences their motivation. This finding is particularly relevant for retailers considering the implementation of cashback incentives. It suggests that the perceived value of the reward can be a decisive factor in a customer’s decision to engage with the brand.


49% of Shoppers Say They’ll Make UGC Reels for Cash


Implications for Retailers

For retailers, especially those with a Shopify presence, these insights are invaluable. They suggest that customers are not just passive consumers; they are willing to become brand advocates, given the right incentives. This readiness to engage can be harnessed to create authentic and persuasive content that resonates with potential buyers.

Trends Strengthening These Findings

The rise of social commerce and influencer marketing has shown that consumers trust peer recommendations over traditional advertising. By incentivizing customers to create testimonial content, retailers can tap into this powerful form of social proof. Moreover, the trend towards personalization in marketing can be bolstered by UGC, as it reflects real experiences with the brand’s products.


The study’s findings offer a compelling narrative for retailers: incentivize your customers appropriately, and they will become collaborators in your marketing efforts. In an era where authenticity is king, there is perhaps no better way to build trust and engagement than through the voices of satisfied customers. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, those who can effectively integrate these insights into their customer engagement strategies are likely to see a significant return on investment, both in terms of brand loyalty and revenue growth.

Research Limitations

It is important to note that while the insights provided by this study are indicative, they are derived from a sample size of 50 participants. This sample is sufficient to suggest trends and provide initial observations, but it may not fully capture the diversity and complexities of the broader consumer population. The findings should be viewed as directional rather than definitive, and they serve as a basis for further, more expansive research.


The research discussed in this article represents initial findings and should be interpreted with caution. The conclusions drawn are subject to the limitations inherent in a study of this scale and should not be extrapolated to the general population without additional supporting evidence. This study is a snapshot, a starting point for deeper inquiry, and is intended to inform and inspire more robust research efforts in the future.

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